Finished this book

I finished this book on September 3, 2010, and sent it off on September 8, after the usual reading over and fixes. I see that my original plan to keep a running record of writing it didn't work out too well. This is because what goes on in the writing process is not all that interesting, even for the writer. Also, if you read through all the problems a writer has in, say, devising a plot, and the ways in which he solved them, then there's no reason for you to read the book. Obviously, if you read the book cold, and enjoy it, it might be interesting to examine the sausage-making aspects of how it got written.

The title of the book will not, however be Tuxedo Man. The publisher has declared that it's not a good title from the marketing perspective. I don't know what this means, but it's their right to approve titles. I have actually picked very few of the titles of my books. I always suggest No Drums, No Trumpets, when they ask for suggestions, since my books rarely have drums or trumpets in them. I am actually thinks of a book that does have drums and trumpets in it, and maybe I will write it some day. Perhaps A Few Drums and Trumpets will be its title, I don't know.

I have to think up what to write next. Maybe I will bring back Jimmy Paz. The publisher would like me to write a book with angels and vampires in it, since these beings seem to sell a lot of books. Maybe I will do a Jimmy Paz with angels and vampires. Why not?