In a fiction writing career spanning over forty years, I was lucky in my agent, my editor and my publisher for a long time, luckier than nearly everyone who seeks a living by selling writing. I was able to publish twenty-two novels, seven under my own name, and now it appears that I can’t any more. I finished writing my last published novel in 2012. Since that time people have asked me from time to time when I was going to write another and the answer is, I did. I wrote four novels and they all failed to find publishers. 

 I have never been much interested in self-publishing, but the rejected work exists, and now, for the benefit of Gruber completists, and for anyone who liked my published work, I’ll be presenting these four orphans in self-published form. As the critic Randall Jarrell once wrote, “A novel is a prose work of a certain length that has something wrong with it.” These ones may have more wrong with them than my published work. Or not. In any case, enjoy!

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