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Book One of The Jimmy Paz Trilogy

Jane Doe lives in the shadows under an assumed name. A once-promising anthropologist and an expert on shamanism, everyone thinks she's dead. Or so she hopes.

Jimmy Paz is a Cuban-American police detective. Straddling two cultures, he understands things others cannot.

When the killings start -- a series of ritualistic murders -- all of Miami is terrified. Especially Jane. She knows the dark truth that Jimmy must desperately search to uncover. As their lives slowly interconnect, Jane and Paz are soon caught in a cataclysmic battle between good and an evil as unimaginable as it is terrifying . . .

Praise for Tropic of Night

"An astonishing piece of fiction, one that expands the boundaries of the thriller genre." 
— Washington Post

"Gruber’s debut novel is part suspenseful thriller set in Miami, and part literary novel that reminds readers of Joseph Conrad’s HEART OF DARKNESS " 
— Vero Beach Press Journal (Florida)

"An engaging thriller with a conscience -- providing insights ... and social commentary." 
— Daily News

"An intricate thriller...perfectly balanced...[a] finely crafted, intelligent and original work." 
— Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"No ordinary thriller....Brilliant." 
— St. Petersburg Times

"A fresh, intelligent thriller ... one of the most absorbing and original novels I’ve read this year." 
— New Orleans Times-Picayune

"Even better [than The DaVinci Code]. Scary, fascinating ... shakes modern notions of reality. A haunting book." 
— Capital Times (Madison, WI)

"Absolutely mesmerizing.... Equal parts literary novel and thriller.... Gruber has an astonishing way of pulling in the reader." 
— Cleveland Plain Dealer

"WOW -- what an incredible talent!... A superb read that draws you down into its spell of murder and magic. Astonishing." 
— Ridley Pearson, author of #1 New York Times bestseller The Diary Of Ellen Rimbauer and The Art Of Deception

"Bold, provacative, and frightening ... An extraordinary debut." 
— USA Today

"Monstrously entertaining." 
— Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

"Gripping ... Gurber has written an undeniably strong book." 
— Seattle Times

"A phenomenal debut thriller." 
— Book Magazine - Most Wanted List

"A dark, brilliant book with as indelible a central character as Smilla from SMILLA’S SENSE OF SNOW." 
— Martin Cruz Smith, author of Gorky Park

"Dramatic [and] addictive....every character is fascinating ... a dark, thoughtful, original mystery that...makes the impossible believable." 
— Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"[An] inventive and deeply engrossing book ... absolutely gripping and thought provoking. In a word, "Tropic of Night" is magical." 
— CNN Online

"A blockbuster....Gruber creates a hallucinatory atmosphere as unsettling as it is exciting." 
— People

"A riveting tale...that stands up to the best books penned by Stephen King and Peter Straub." 
— The Leader-Post (Canada)