Just a Suggestion


Thinking about the kneeling NFL athletes, and the reaction by some fans and the billionaire boys who own the teams, and of course the president of the United States. This reaction might be summed up as: O you trained apes, how dare you spoil our fun! Look at all the bananas we have lavished upon you, and you do this? Just play the game, you apes, and by the way, stop all this business about brain damage. You don't get all those bananas for your brains. Hit harder, play hurt, that's a lot of why we have this stupid game, to watch big black guys harm one another. And don't you dare interfere in our new favorite ritual, in which a stadiumful of self-indulgent hypocrites thanks for their service the poor battered people who protect their sorry asses. So stand up and Respect the Flag!

Actually it's quite brilliant as a ploy. It changes the conversation from a protest against police killing unarmed black people with near-impunity to one about patriotism, as ever, as fucking ever, the last refuge of scoundrels. And I agree. Everybody should stand up and salute the flag and sing the anthem.

Then, come next February, they should fuck up the Super Bowl.

They should get nude; they should play in slow mo; they should dance in circles; the possibilities are endless. Let there be a 0-0 tie!Let the Vegas gamblers weep! Imagine the indignation of the billionaire boys and the President of the United States! Let there be an asterisk in the record books next to Super Bowl LII. That might attract some real attention to the problem of police killing unarmed black people with near impunity, don't you think? Just a suggestion.